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Glossy Glamour Butts

I wanted to show you guys this pic so that you can clearly how ‘artists’ can mess up great asses with Photoshop. Just look at the sheen on that. For the most part you can’t even see any of their natural pores or any of the tiny blemishes that makes them human which is exactly what makes them so sexy.

No thanks. If I wanted to fuck a plastic doll i would have done just that.

Now here are some quality erotic photos of babes with big asses. Gorgeous amateurs with no inhibitions and nothing to hide. Quality photography and models coming together to make stunning naturals results. No bullshit.

As you may have gathered, i am quite the fan of things left as nature intended them to be and I bet there are many more of you out there.

Hot Massage Porn & Sexy Ass Rubs

You know, some folks don’t take massage porn all that seriously. You may get bored or lose interest at first, but you need to hang in there. Just wait five more minutes dude, seriously, and watch this sexy shit unravel. Hold your horse, in other words. Gently. Hold your horse gently with easy strokes. You’ll be edging like a motherfucker once you get in to this sultry shit, trying not to blow your load when you see these sexy asses bumpin and grindin so slow.

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Everything Butt Kristina Rose Hardcore Anal

It doesn’t take much to tell if an ass has been satisfied or not. You can look for yourself at Kristina Rose and that ass is going to tell you it’s been having a ball. She is just one of the many fetish babes that you guys can find inside Everything Butt. It’s a kinky site at heart and with a collection of hardcore anal scenes they’re going to tempt that cock of yours in more ways than one.

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Home Town Amateur Stacey Shows Her Best Side!

Stacey is one of the cute girls with hot asses that’s being served up daily at Karups HA. This private and very exclusive collection of girls is really something else. One of the best things about it is you really feel at home taking your time looking through the huge collection of content. These hometown amateur girls could very well live right next door to you, now there’s something totally sexy about that.

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Sexy Babe Flaunting Her Smoking Hot Ass

If there’s a hotter thing then seeing a fine babe with a hot ass you’d better do me a solid and let me know what it is. Getting me worked up is a very simple task, put a smooth girl in front of me and let me see her tight ass and I’m as hard as I’m ever going to be. Now I’ve always liked my asses and my porn, as such over the years I’ve managed to put together what I think is the collection of the best porn videos online and best of all you guys can access it.

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Milk Enema: Would You Care for Some Refreshing Milk of Ass?

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How to Improve Pick Up Skills When Finding a Sex Date

When finding a sex date, you need to understand that it’s all about communications. Now, you probably are rolling your eyes and thinking to yourself "no, duh, I already got that." Well, think again. You have to understand that when you communicate with people, you are not just communicating with the words coming out of your mouth. You’re also communicating with your posture, the way you dress, how much you weigh, what shape your body is in, your facial gestures, your tone of voice, how quickly you are speaking, and your word choice.

You see where I’m coming from here? Guys who hook up with women like clockwork know this. That’s why pickup lines are worthless. It’s not the lines that matter. It’s more about the delivery. A guy who knows how to talk to women can say the sun is yellow and the sky is blue or some other inane and stupid sentence, and still manage to hook up. That’s right, it’s not necessarily what you have to say, but how you say it is what truly matters.

Make this clear in your mind because this is the number one skill you need to pick up on if you are in the process of finding a sex date. When picking up a girl, you have to send off the right signals at the right time. Dating is like a complicated dance because there are all sorts of things going on. If you don’t pay attention to these small details, especially timing, you are probably not going to be as successful as you’d like. There are many otherwise good looking guys with lots of money, and are well adjusted, and have great voices, but they fail again and again. They fail because they don’t pay attention to all these different details.

How do you get this mindset? How do you get this magnified field of vision where you can orchestrate these details like the maestro of a classical concerto? Very simple. Detach yourself. That’s right, detach yourself from the outcome of sex dating.

This is where many guys fail. After all, they’re looking for a sex date. They’re looking to have sex, why detach themselves? Well, this is the problem. When you are so caught up with trying to get what you want from a member of the opposite sex, you start sending off the wrong signals. You start to seem desperate. You don’t want to be desperate.

Why? Desperation repels people. When they detect desperation, they run away because they feel that there’s something wrong with that person, or that person might have very low standards, or that person might fuck me up or harm me. You see where I’m coming from? None of these situations are good. That’s why you need to stay away from desperation.

You don’t want to be perceived as desperate, and you definitely don’t want to be desperate. Unfortunately, if you are so caught up with the project of finding a sex date, you can’t help but be so emotionally wound up that you come off as desperate. Detach yourself from the outcome. Be at peace with the fact that you probably will fail, and that’s okay. Focus more on the thrill of the hunt and you will be more successful. That’s how you improve your pick up skills.

Let’s face it, women can detect desperation a million miles away. It’s hard wired into their DNA. That’s how they are biologically programmed. There’s no way to reprogram that so don’t even think about that. Focus more on detaching yourself from the outcome. Focus on learning from your mistakes, and just enjoy yourself. If you’re able to do that, you will hook up time and time again.

Luscious Butts Creating Heatwaves

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